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According to CDC figures, diabetes affects at least 30 million Americans, with another 84 million estimated to be prediabetic. Vipul Kubal, DO, of Kubal Family Medicine in Las Vegas is an experienced physician who provides screening tests to catch the first signs of diabetes, as well as helping patients manage their condition successfully. Taking action now is the best way to prevent the devastating consequences diabetes can have on your life, so book your screening test or arrange a checkup by calling Kubal Family Medicine today, or use the online booking tool.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that develops if your body isn’t producing enough of the hormone insulin.

Insulin plays a vital role in regulating the amount of blood sugar you have in your body. If your blood sugar levels fluctuate, you can experience acute health problems such as dizziness and nausea. In the longer term, fluctuating blood sugar levels can cause serious chronic health issues, including some that are potentially life-threatening.

There are several types of diabetes. Type 1 is an autoimmune disorder, which means your body’s immune system has a dysfunction that causes it to eradicate the insulin-making cells in your pancreas. People with type 1 diabetes produce no insulin at all and need to take supplementary insulin for the rest of their lives.

People who have type 2 diabetes most often develop it later in life when their pancreas fails to make enough insulin to regulate their blood sugar or their body can’t make use of the insulin they’re producing. Type 2 diabetes is a preventable condition, unlike type 1 diabetes.

Am I at risk of developing type 2 diabetes?

Anyone who has risk factors for diabetes could develop the condition. Type 2 diabetes is typically a lifestyle disorder, which is brought on by being overweight and living an unhealthy life.

There are risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes that aren’t controllable, for example, having family members who have diabetes, or for women, experiencing gestational diabetes during pregnancy. However, by ensuring you lead a healthy lifestyle, you can reduce the risk of developing diabetes considerably.

Why should I be worried about type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes often doesn’t cause any symptoms, or it leads to vague feelings like tiredness that could be because of any number of other causes. This is one of the reasons it’s such a problem, as people often don’t realize there’s anything wrong until the diabetes reaches a stage at which it’s causing serious harm.

Diabetes can cause:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Hypertension
  • Kidney disease
  • Circulation problems
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)

Diabetic neuropathy and poor circulation can lead to ulcers on the feet that may become so severe that the only solution is amputation.

You can avoid these considerable dangers by visiting Dr. Kubal, who can take a blood test to screen for diabetes and identify the early stages of the condition’s development. This stage is known as prediabetes, indicating that your blood sugar levels are above the healthy range, but not at a dangerous level. Treating prediabetes can eliminate the problem, so regular screening should be a priority.

How is type 2 diabetes treated?

The most effective way of treating type 2 diabetes is to make changes to your lifestyle that reduce the risk factors. Dr. Kubal can advise you on how to achieve the necessary changes, providing the information and support you need to:

  • Lose excess weight
  • Eat a healthier diet
  • Get more exercise
  • Quit smoking
  • Cut down alcohol consumption

For some people, these actions reduce the impact of type 2 diabetes sufficiently, so they don’t need to take medication, but Dr. Kubal monitors your progress to ensure you’re taking any medicines or insulin therapy you do need.

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